Apr 12

I’ve shared four of the key themes and some of the insights and opinions from my recent research in Contagious Mag


Apr 04

Cat Jones and Devra Prywes of Unruly at London launch of the Best of Branded Content Marketing: 10th Anniversary Edition on nurturing audiences rather than shouting at them, and consistency of the engagement.

Mar 29
Rory Sutherland on Branded Content Justin Kirby Justin Kirby's Album 62 Plays

Snippet from audio interview with Ogilvy Group UK’s Vice Chairman Rory Sutherland on the traditional advertising agency model and how brands may have to rethink risk and reward in the branded content space if they are going to compete with Hollywood and other content creators/media owners. He suggests that collaboration maybe a more realistic strategy, or perhaps even deviation, e.g. creating content that may not be of interest to traditional content creators, but maybe of huge interest to a client of group of them.

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