Sep 24

#Socialautomation vs more authentic social voice #LikeMinds #SMWLDN @TheDrum @spicerlife @cyberialab

Stephen Lepitak at The Drum mentioned this video he shot last month of social automation tips from Hootsuite’s solution team leader Lindsey McInerney. Interestingly, there was talk of brands becoming people as well as need for the person tweeting on behalf of the company to FEEL the business from the likes of the food critic Kate Spicer and my strategy colleague Eric Schwamberger at Tenthwave, during the Like Minds Social Media Week London panel on food. It will be interesting to see how this call for more humanistic authenticity can be reconciled with the rise in social automation, earned media planning, etc.

Sep 23

Is social media making or breaking the food industry? @theDrum #LikeMinds #SMWLDN

How food brands are searching the souls about their purpose, and the rise of Thick not just Big Data.

Sep 20

What to savour at Social Media Week this year: Like Minds scans the social media horizon

My crowdsourced scan on what’s on the social media horizon for The Drum with input from Karen Fewell (digitalblondemoments), Tenthwave’s Eric Schwamberger, Molly Flatt (1000heads WOM evangelist and digital editor at Phoenix magazine), Kirsty Chant at Chant Communications, Imbibe magazine’s Julie SheppardGreg Burke (Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube and Fresh One Productions), Mahogany Media Group’s business development director Nathan GravesThe Auto Network strategy director Alastair Duncan, and VeryFirstTo and Superbrands founder Marcel Knobil.

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