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What will change: Content will become essential to win the hearts and minds of consumers as they will become more conscious of public health issues and more informed as to their options. This will make it essential for food brands to have a social “point a view and personality” that people want to be a part of. In some cases, this will translate into a true commitment to Social Corporate Responsibility issues important to their consumers (Chipotle), while for others it will simply be through defining themselves into a lifestyle consumers wear as a badge (Kashi). Regardless of approach or levers, the natural and organic social communication of these brand beliefs will become an increasingly important consideration for brands.

What won’t change: tech will still fuel the evolution of Social CRM becoming a mainstream discipline for Food Brands, driven by evolution of data analytics tools that continue to close the loop from profile to purchase. This provides a host of new opportunities for savvy AdTech marketers who get how social content, mobile enablement, contextual advertising and shopper data work together.

Eric SchwambergerPartner, Tenthwave Digital New York, on what will be different in 5 years in the food industry and what will remain the same. Eric will be speaking on the Like Minds’ How Social is Shifting Our Relationship with Food panel during Social Media Week London 2014.

What will change:
Streaming will become the preferred access to recorded music and be listened over a number of devices but with Mobile being top. I predict the pricing to lower and a single global subscription price to align developing countries and capture mass consumptions. £10 > 3.
We will see multiply services like Rdio, Deezer and Beats all offering ‘windows’ of exclusive content. Key Blogs and places with large followers in Social Media will dominate the media space and offer exclusives and one off’s.

Video Streaming I suspect will still be dominated by You Tube with more brand paid for content and live streaming.

Live shows will always survive for the real touch experiences with like minded tribes and fans. The Festivals will grow in pre-sales even before the line ups are announced and new Festivals will come and go as they get the demographic and programming mix right and wrong. The ‘rights of passage’ brands like Glastonbury, Reading, V Festival, Bestival will keep their heads up as the rest of the market cater to the niche or more intimate experiences. Anyway it is all money in the bank for the promoters who I hope will share the profits to bring new music to the main stages. .

What won’t change: the thrill of live and intimate experiences for the ‘ goose bump’ effect.

Nathan Graves,Business Development Director, Mahogany Media (Mahogany Sessions), on what will be different in 5 years in the music industry and what will remain the same. Nathan will be speaking on the Like Minds’  The Future of Social Media in the Music Industry panel during Social Media Week London 2014.

What do you think will be different in 5 years time?
Jamie’s Oliver once said that the ‘real food revolution will come from the mobile phone’. I hope that in 5 years time we will all have a healthier relationship with food and I think digital technology will play a major role in achieving that. In five years time, wearable technology will be super smart, we won’t have to enter what we eat into a diet app, our latest wearable device/chip will know exactly what we are consuming. This will bring about a real time awareness of food and health and through sharing knowledge and experience will motivate communities to bring about change.

Food brands and catering operators will know so much more about their customers and their emotional relationship with food. They will know in real time which of their customers in a set radius is hungover and needs re-hydratng, which have been to the gym and are in need of protein, which need ‘brain food’ due to mental stress.

Success in the hospitality industry has always been based on a good customer experience. When we look down the street, our glasses or wearable will highlight which restaurant has the shortest wait, which one is short staffed today, which one has had a health warning, which one offers a meal of 473 calories made up of the nutrients your body requires right now. Meeting customer needs and offering an exceptional service will be more important than ever.

What do you think will be the same?
Some of the best moments in life happen when you are sat around a table eating with the people you love. Food will always brings people together.

Karen Fewell, Director of social media & digital marketing @digitalblonde, on what will be different in 5 years in the food industry and what will remain the same. Karen will be speaking on the Like Minds’  Is Social Media Making or Breaking the Food Industry? panel during Social Media Week London 2014.

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